ECOL250: How science works and what it says: A guide for the uninitiated on how to make science work for you

For many non-science majors, 'science' can appear specialized and remote from practical relevance. However, nothing is further from the truth: 'science' as a process is a method for finding out accurate information, which will lead to better decisions in everyday life, from small issues like how to buy a car to societal ones like how to make laws that achieve the desired consequences. Understanding how science achieves better answers than 'common sense' or many other processes will make you into a better decision-maker. 

This class will teach you how science achieves better answers, train you to distinguish science from non-science as well as to recognize the strength of the evidence produced by different scientific approaches, and allow you to practice thinking about issues relevant to your own life in terms of what science could do to help you make better decisions.


Room and times for the class are TBD, but will likely be Mo, Wed, Fri at 11am-11:50am. Please feel free to email me if you are interested in the class and I will send you this information when it is available.